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Here at haven Conveyors we can offer solutions for vehicle loading and unloading from a simple gravity unloading conveyor, a motorised belt conveyor lorry loader to a fully powered telescopic boom conveyor for cntainer or trailer loading/unloading. We can design and manufacture new to your exact requirements or we can see if we have anything in our large second hand DEPARTMENT that can be refurbished or adapted to meet your needs.


mobile vehicle unloader
Loader-unloader for vehicles
Gravity vehicle loader/unloader and expandable conveyor system

For a simple gravity unloading (non-powered) solution we can supply EXTENDABLE CONVEYORS THAT can be used for loading and unloading vehicles with or without a loading bay and they can be mobile or static, whatever your preference.

One of our most popular options is a mobile telescopic gravity conveyor which has options to be used with or without a loading bay and makes loading/unloading vehicles quick and easy and this and similar models come with the option of being either fixed or mobile for maximum flexibility.

The EXPRESSWAY telescopic conveyor  can be used on its own or in conjunction with other conveyors from our extensive range to reach all areas of the workplace.

These loaders/unloaders will suit a large range of products, the most common being boxes between 30-50kgs with a width up to 600mm which can be easily positioned by operators. The units can be moved to precisely where required and when not in use can be stored safely out of the way.


belt conveyor vehicle loader and unloader
lorry loader/unloader
van loader

When you need a solution for transporting products such as cartons, parcels and tote bags or any other type of cargo from or to a container, quickly, safely and efficiently, a vehicle loading belt conveyor is one of the best options.

If its a powered (motorised) belt conveyor lorry loader/unloader you require, we can supply these as stand alone items or they can be supplied with a gravity skate wheel or gravity roller extension option.

Mobile vehicle loaders are a proven solution where a powered option is required for loading and unloading vehicles, especially where a loading bay is not present. We also have and can supply extendable tongues (flexiveyors) are available which can extend into the vehicle which makes it a perfect solution for use with 20ft and 40ft vehicles and containers.


Telescopic boom conveyor
Boom conveyor for loading docks
Boom conveyor

For container or trailer loading/unloading one of the best solutions is a fully powered telescopic boom conveyor which can be extendible for anything up to 15 metres.

We can offer new or used options for telescopic conveyors which are regularly becoming available to suit all budgets.

  • Light and heavy duty extendable gravity conveyors available
  • Solid construction to handle various types of products, weights and sizes
  • Systems can be extended up to 15m if required
  • Available in a vast range of widths and types to suit all applications
  • Unloads/loads vehicle goods quickly, efficiently and safely
  • Can be used alongside other material handling equipment or stand-alone
  • Easy to move and store away when not in use

All our conveyors are designed to be cost effective, easy to handle and safe to use and come in all shapes and sizes and can be flexible, mobile or fixed if necessary, depending on your application.

A proven solution for the quick and effective unloading of containers, trucks and loading bays.

If you need help deciding which option is the best for you, please give us a call 01952 740454, our experienced staff are always happy to help.