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Straight Roller Conveyor Sections

straight roller conveyor

Light Duty straight gravity section

Ideal solution for transporting light-weight materials with roller ratings up to 35kgs.

(Typical example from this range 35mm diameter @ 50mm close pitch mounted in pressed channel frames)

straight conveyor system

Medium Duty gravity roller conveyor straight

Ideal solution for transporting medium-weight materials with roller ratings up to 200kgs.

(Typical example from this range 50mm diameter @ 100mm pitch mounted in 50 x 5 x 5 angle frames)

uncurved gravity conveyor rollers

Heavy Duty gravity roller section

Ideal solution for transporting heavy-weight materials with roller ratings up to 650kgs.

(Typical example from this range 76mm diameter @ 150mm pitch mounted in 100 x 65 x 7 angle frames)

gravity roller conveyor straight

Extra Heavy Duty straight gravity track

Ideal solution for transporting extra heavy duty materials with roller ratings up to 1500kgs.

(Typical example from this range 140mm diameter @ 250mm pitch mounted on 100 x 50 channel frames)

Here at Haven Conveyors we have a full range of material handling equipment rollers available to make up all types of roller conveyor systems, one of which we are sure will meet your needs. Above are a few examples of roller straights that we have previously manufactured. These can be supplied with gravity roller bends and roller conveyor turntables to make up a perfect conveyor system.

We can supply new gravity roller conveyor straights or we have numerous used conveyor straights in stock that can be supplied as is or they can be reconditioned and repainted to match your existing conveying equipment. All gravity rollers are available in an assortment of diameters and widths and can be made of PVC, mild steel, zinc plated steel or stainless steel.

Frames and stands for the roller conveyors are also available in mild steel, zinc plated steel, stainless steel or they can be galvanised with a comprehensive colour range.