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Mezzanine Floor Conveyors

Mezzanine Inter-Floor conveyor
Mezzanine Inter-Floor System with powered belt
Powered Belt Conveyor for mezzanine floor
Mezzanine inter-floor conveyors for loading bay


Mezzanine floors are regularly used to provide a business with additional office or storage space and inter-floor incline powered belt conveyors are a very popular solution when it comes to transferring the products from one of these floor levels to another.

Haven Conveyors are regularly asked for help in designing inter-floor conveyors and we have supplied and installed numerous mezzanine floor powered belt conveyors in our time. These conveyors have been built to handle a comprehensive range of products; boxes, electrical goods etc. and can be manufactured to suit all sorts of floor heights. One of our recent customers, a catalogue company, had a mezzanine floor conveyor manufactuered and installed by us to help with order picking.

The inter-floor incline conveyors can be supplied in a full range of widths and angles but usually the incline belt conveyors are set at angle of no more than 25 degrees as this ensures the safe transportation of the products. Sometimes this can differ depending on the items that are needed to be transported.

Generally a load/unload driven conveyor is situated on the ground floor horizontally to enable the product to be conveyed on and off the main mezzanine inclined conveyor.


Most conveyors can be a one-man reversible operation. Nose over and power feeds are available to ensure the smooth transfer from incline conveyor to horizontal at first floor and under-guards and safety sides, end or centre drive options and braked drive motors are also available when required.

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