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Inclined | Elevator Conveyors

Wide Inclined belt conveyor with chevron belt

wide chevron inclined elevator conveyor

Mobile flighted belt conveyor

mobile flighted elevated conveyor

Inclined elevator with flights

Conveyor Elevator with flights

Heavy duty chevron belt inclined conveyor

Heavy duty chevron belt incline

Here at Haven Conveyors we have on offer a large selection of inclined conveyors. We can supply a chevron belt for wood chippings, recycling materials or any other loose loads, a flighted incline belt conveyor if you need a steeper elevator and all our conveyors can be mobile if necessary.

The incline conveyor belts can be gripface for angles up to 25 degrees, chevron for angles up to 35 degrees or flighted conveyors for up to 45 degrees and over. There are hundreds of belt variations available and our experienced staff will be quite happy to show you samples and help you decide which would be the best solution for your product.

Generally sections can be either; slider beds for boxes 25/50kg per metre for example, roller beds for the heavier loads and troughed sections e.g. if you have sand, gravel or quality street which you need to form loose loads in the middle of the belt.

We have designed and manufactured numerous inclined conveyors including ones for very light duty objects such as small parcels up to 5kg, medium duty for boxes up to 50kg and heavy duty for wast recycling.

All elevator conveyors are offered with numerous types of drive options including underslung, shaft mounted or drum motor.

If you need help designing an inclined belt conveyor, stand-alone or conveyor system, please give us a call on 01952 740454, our experienced sales team in will always be happy to help.