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Ball Transfer Tables, Conveyor Turntables and Roller Conveyor Gates

gravity roller conveyor gate

Conveyor Gates

A hinged conveyor gateway is ideal for when you need to have pedestrial access within a conveyor system.

These manually operated gates are ideal for situations where temporary access may be required. They can be assisted as standard by gas struts but other options are available such as spring loaded, counter balanced or pneumatic.

Conveyor gates can be manufactured to suit all the gravity roller duties and widths and ensure the safety of all pedestrians who are working around the conveyor system.

turntable for use with gravity roller track

Gravity roller conveyor


Manually operated gravity conveyor turntables are ideal for when you need to change the direction and orientation of your products easily and efficiently.

These conveyor turntables come fitted with trailer rings as standard for smooth and easy movement together with locking pins to hold the position and can be supplied in all gravity roller duties and widths.

gravity Ball table transfer unit

Gravity ball transfer tables

Ball tables for conveyors are ideal for when products need to change direction and orientation and are required to be moved smoothly and efficiently. This can be done with a mixture of ball transfer tables and gravity rollers, whichever is best for your application. Unfortunately ball tables are restricted to flat bottomed products as the contact area of the ball table is very small.

A full range of ball units are available with our ball roller tablesto cater for all duties with pitches to suit your requirements. These can be used as stand-alone units or placed along-side roller conveyors to complete a conveyor system.

If you need help designing a conveyor system which incorporates a gateway conveyor, ball transfer table or gravity roller turntable or if you just need a stand-alone roller conveyor turntable or transfer ball table to fit into your present roller conveyor system please give us a call on 01952 740454, our experienced sales team will be happy to help.