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Flexible Powered Roller Conveyors

Power roller expandable conveyor

flexible Powered roller  conveyors that are expandable are ideal for truck loading and unloading and are great for loading docks, warehouse units and shipping areas where you can quickly create a temporary conveyor line exactly where you need it.

When finished the conveyor can be packed compactly and can be stowed away into a small space for as long as it's not required.

These expandable flexible conveyors are most often used for transporting light weight packages from the end of a conveyor line to an awaiting vehicle as they are very easy to move quickly in or out of trucks which means; faster, safer and easier loading and unloading of vehicles.

These are a proven and popular solution for temporary handling, eliminating dead space situations especially where vehicle loading and unloading is irregular.

These versatile mobile units can achieve tight radiuses and can be manufactured in custom lengths to suit all your conveyor needs.

Available with zinc plated steel rollers in widths of up to 900mm, all power expandable conveyors are supplied with support stands that are braced for extra strength and rigidity and heavy duty swivel locking castors are fitted as standard which lock the wheels in place when the conveyor is in use.

If you need to connect two or more conveyors together to give a greater span we have conveyor connecting brackets available in house.

If you need any help at all on deciding on the right type of conveyor unit for your requirements or any further information on powered roller expandable conveyors and flexible units, please give our experienced sales team a call on 01952 740454, we will be happy to help - we may even have a second-hand, reconditioned option available.

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