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Slat Belt, Screw/Auger and Chain Conveyors

Slat belt Conveyor

Slat Belt Conveyors

A steel slat belt conveyor is similar in design to a standard chain conveyor but has the added feature of slats joining two chains together.

Slatted belt conveyors can be horizontal, inclined and swan necked whichever is required, dependant of course on the materials to be handled and the space available.

Generally this form of slat belt conveyor is used for heavy duty products such as steel punchings but we have other sizes and duties available too.

Screw Conveyor and Auger Conveyors

screw/auger Conveyors

An auger conveyor more commonly known as a screw conveyor is an ideal solution for moving semi-solid and loose load materials efficiently and with a controlled throughput.

These screw spiral (auger) conveyors are able to be used horizontally or on an incline up to 45 degrees depending on the material that is being handled.

We offer a full range of Auger conveyors with diameters and pitches in various sizes and duties.

Chain driven roller Conveyors

Chain driven roller Conveyors

Chain driven roller conveyors are the ideal solution for handling wide materials where other powered options may be restricted.

Chain conveyors can often be integrated into systems for transferring products 90 degrees.

We offer a full range of chain conveyors in a choice of light, medium and heavy duty with steel or plastic chains, whichever is best to suit your requirements.

If you need help designing a slat belt conveyor, screw conveyor (auger conveyor) or chain driven roller conveyor system or if you need a one off stand-alone unit to compliment your system, please give us a call on 01952 740454, our experienced sales team in Telford
will always be happy to help.