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Piano Hinge Steel Belt Conveyors

Piano hinged steel belt conveyors
Swan Neck slat conveyor
Belt Conveyor with piano hinges
Piano Hinge Belt Conveyor

Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors

Piano hinge steel belt conveyors have proved to be a very popular solution for many companies employed in the steel industry.

Hinged steel belt conveyors (piano hinge) are extremely versatile and are designed to eliminate the detrimental effect handling steel can have on standard belt conveyors such as impact, sharp edges, heat and oil (suds). Steel belts are designed to allow suds to pass through the belt hinges which also aids belt lubrication.

Swan Neck Conveyors

swan neck or straight piano hinged conveyors can be used for the removal of steel punchings and scrap from presses, transporting hot and cold formed castings, transporting waste and scrap and moving metal components from one place to another.

The conveyors are manufactured in cold rolled steel and can be flat or inclined dependant on the customers’ requirements. Side guides allow an undivided, continuous line through different levels, and ensure safe hinged belt guidance, also for the transition curves when lines are inclined.

We offer a comprehensive steel belt range from light up to extra heavy duty with all widths and pitches considered depending which is most suitable to your application.

As standard all our piano hinge belt conveyors are fitted with torque limiters for belt and motor protection. Also as standard all belt hinges are reinforced to increase belt life span with double overlapping side plates and guide wheels. Steel flights are also added to inclines to eliminate products build up and ensure the correct throughput is maintained.

If you need help with deciding which  steel belt conveyor would suit your application best, please give us a call on 01952 740454 one of our experienced sales team will be happy to help.